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    I want my domain to be able to be changed with each visitor, but take you back to the same page. For example: http://12steps2sold.wordpress.com/123 Any Street

    I want the 123 Any Street to show up as text on the website or as a tag line.

    I want the 123 Any Street to be changed to several different address’s so that people feel like the same website was developed for them specifically. Custom, even though it is not.

    Is this a widget? a Plug in? A tool?

    The blog I need help with is 12steps2sold.wordpress.com.



    You want your domain to be different for every visitor? I suppose it’s theoretically possible: you just need to buy a different domain for every visitor you ever anticipate having.

    Permalinks, however, are not configurable on WordPress.com. Posts will always be of the format Whatever.wordpress.com/date/title and Pages will always be of the format Whatever.wordpress.com/title.

    You could theoretically do it with a WordPress.org install and an unlimited budget. I mean tens of thousands of dollars. For guidance on that, go to WordPress.ORG instead.

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