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URL ( ) was there but when I clicked on it...

  1. apparently, I needed to click a link to confirm my email address. So, I did that, and it was confirmed. However, when I went back to select the name, it didn't appear in the list. I typed the URL into my browser and received the message that the URL doesn't exist, and a message just below that, that's a link, asking if I want to register it. But when I click on the link, the original URL is not on the list of options. I'm confused. Help?

  2. What is the exact URL starting with http:// of the wordpress.COM hosted site you refer to please?

    This is wordpress.COM support. I'm asking because we cannot accurately answer questions posted here until we have confirmed the URL referred to and verified the hosting.

  3. Okay, figured it out. I clicked on one of the tags over on the right side, here (Reserved URL) and there was a post about the same exact thing. The person who answered told the original poster to go to a url of this format:

    Then I simply replaced my own username with the other poster's name and it worked, it gave me the proper URL.

    And I *did* do a search before posting for help. I didn't find anything in the results that was like my problem, though.

    Thanks for responding, anyway. :)

  4. I'm happy to find that you have resolved this. Best wishes.

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