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    I deleted a picture from my blog and wanted to put another picture with the same url. After I changed the url of the new picture, everything seemed fine from the control panel, but when I visit my blog and click on the picture, it says file not found. why wordpress doesn’t update the url? please help, I shared the picture and people keep saying it’s not working!

    The blog I need help with is ninageorgieva.wordpress.com.



    When you uploaded the second image using the same file name as the one you deleted from a post or page, but not from your Media Library, another URL provided by the software was given to the second image. Go to your Media Library to locate the image ID.


    I know how to check a file’s URL, but in this case I want to recycle the old URL since I have already shared this URL and people will be redirected there. I just wanted to update the picture and that’s why I deleted and uploaded the newer version, but it seems wordpress doesn’t recycle old URL.

    Now every time I try to upload the same picture, the software gives URL with a number at the end (for excample http:…shaker-pack-unofficial.jpg1), even though the original URL (http:…shaker-pack-unofficial.jpg) is free.




    No, WP doesn’t allow that. When you re-upload an image with the same name, it gets an extra number to distinguish it from the previously uploaded one. This won’t happen if you don’t upload the two versions the same month, but then again you won’t have the same URL. If you’re going to need this again, you’ll have to use images hosted elsewhere.

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