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URL Problems

  1. I recently created a blog and registered a url, which I changed when I realised I wanted to use the url on a different account. Not realising you could just hand over the blog and url to another account, I now have a blog with a changed name and url and no way (I can see) of handing over permissions for the url I had registered but no longer use (ie it's not attached to any of my blogs).

    Is there anyway of bringing up a list of URLs you have registered in the past that you do not use and handing them over to someone else's account?

  2. Blogs are listed by accounts - so you need to log in as the account that registered the blogs - once logged in you can go to Dashboard >> My Blogs >> Mouse over the blog in question and you can click on the Transfer Blog - fill in the account you want to transfer it to - caution - make sure you spell the target account correctly - if you make a spelling error but the error is a valid account your blog will be transferred to the spelling error with NO action required on the spelling error account

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