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Url Reserved?

  1. I tried making the blog today, since it is not used. It then told me it was "reserved". I don't know how someone goes about reserving it. If it is not being used shouldn't it be free to use by other people? I have (Set to private for now) but I wanted to make it a to be a tad more professional. I was going to make it centered around paranormal journalism. Can anyone explain to me this reserved process?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When we create a username account here the matching blog address is "reserved" for us and we can contact Staff to acquire it.

  3. Someone signed up for the username "phantomscript" but did not sign up for the associated blog. When that happens, that blog name is automatically reserved for them by WordPress.

  4. If you did not register own the matching phantomscript username here at then you cannot register the blog.

  5. Ahhhhh that sort of makes sense then. They should at least make it free to the public after a few months though but I can understand the idea there. Most sites require you to have the same URL as your username.

  6. You're welcome from me.

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