URL slugs converting when custom URL added

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    Hello… I am considering using wordpress to rebuild a website I already have. I have some questions that I could not find under the topics provided.

    I want to set up the site using the URL that is a FREE URL (ex: mywebsite.wordpress.com) and create the categories and pages as well as add the images and content for static pages before I publish to the URL I already have a site built on. If I do this will the slugs that I create for the categories and pages automatically convert to a slug that is custom to the the URL I own (ex: mywebsite.wordpress.com/special-page.html converts to mywebsite.com/special-page.html)?
    I ask because I do not want to take down the site that is currently at “mywebsite.com” while it takes me a few days to in put the information into my wordpress account.
    I found the information for an existing domain and how the wordpress pages will redirect but I want to know if there are other options (other than converting the pages myself after they are created).

    The blog I need help with is funspunfleece.wordpress.com.



    We cannot change permalink structure on any free hosted WordPress.com blogs. You can modify the post slug or page slug by clicking the Edit button next to it.

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