URL validated but my blog images not showing up on bloglovin

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    I’m trying to get images from my blog to show up on bloglovin’… Bloglovin’ is saying that it can’t find/connect to my RSS feed… My RSS URL is http://thelightupnorth.wordpress.com/feed/, and I used that in the RSS widget that I put on the sidebar, but it doesn’t seem to be working… I’m new at this (new as in a couple weeks) – any suggestions would be great :)

    I checked the URL at http://validator.w3.org… It said, “this document was successfully checked as well-formed XML!”… I was very encouraged by the “!” at the end of that and thought that meant the pictures would show up – yay! But they have not – boo :(

    The validator did say that, “No DOCTYPE found! Checking XML syntax only. The DOCTYPE Declaration was not recognized or is missing. This probably means that the Formal Public Identifier contains a spelling error, or that the Declaration is not using correct syntax, or that your XML document is not using a DOCTYPE Declaration.”

    I have no idea what that all means… I’m Googling almost every word, but haven’t been able to figure out what it means and if it has anything to do with the missing images…

    Any info would be most appreciated – advice, techie info, pointing in the general direction of where I should be looking… I’ve found myself stuck so any bit of help would be awesome :)

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is thelightupnorth.wordpress.com.



    So I’ve looked at all the things that should work, as have you it sounds like, so let’s try one thing that shouldn’t work—instead of using the actual link to your rss feed (http://thelightupnorth.wordpress.com/feed/) what happens if you just add your blog address (http://thelightupnorth.wordpress.com)?

    Also, I’m mostly guessing here, and I don’t use bloglovin myself, so if there are any other volunteers out there with other ideas please don’t be shy about sharing them :)



    Actually, before you try the suggestion above, try this–I think it’s the more likely culprit:

    Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Reading, and choose Full Text in “For each article in a feed, show”.


    You rock!! THANK YOU!!

    I did try your second recommendation for what to try first, but the images didn’t show up… I left that setting at “full text”, went and changed from using my rss URL to just the blog address, and they showed up!

    Out of curiosity, and in case anyone else checks out this question/answer, I went back and changed “full text” to “summary” under the Reading Settings and the images still show up… Seems like the URL was all that needed changing and I still have the option of between “full text” and summary”… Awesome!

    Thanks again Liz :)



    Woo-hoo! So glad it all worked out :)


    For whatever it’s worth, I did start off with the blog URL there… I’m sure of that because it took me longer than I want to admit to figure out what a RSS URL was, what mine was, etc…lol Thanks for looking at the problem from the beginning – I was trying to solve it thinking that my RSS URL was what was need there :)


    Same here! I’m loving learning all this new stuff :)


    Hi, I’ve had a similar problem in that I’m trying to add my blog to Amazon’s Author Central. As far as I can tell, I just need to add ‘feed’ to my blog’s RSS URL which would make it: http://www.beverleyeikli.com/feed/ – however I’m just told: “The URL is invalid or this is the web page URL not the RSS URL. Please check for spelling or other errors.”
    I’m very new at this, having recently changed my blog over to WordPress (from Blogger), so I’d really appreciate any help :)



    @Beverly– did you try it without the www?


    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! OK, I’ve just tried that but I keep getting the identical error message.



    I’m actually not able to get your site to load at all so it’s difficult for me to troubleshoot any further. Does your site load for you right now?


    I’ve just tried and this works fine: http://www.beverleyeikli.com

    I wonder if it’s not loading for anyone else.



    I’m on a different computer now, and am able to load your site–but it’s a WordPress.ORG site not a WordPress.COM site. Here’s the difference: http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    Since this is the forum for support of WordPress.COM installs, I’m afraid I can’t help you, but if you go over to the support site for WordPress.org they might be able to help. Here’s the link: http://wordpress.org/support/. If you’ve never posted there before you’ll need to create a username and password as it’s a totally separate site from this one.

    Good luck!


    Thanks you so much, Liz. I’ll do that now :)


    Okay – so it was working fine yesterday, but today (without any changes), the images are missing again!

    Crappy update, but wanted to included it in case anyone else found the problem had returned for them also…



    If it’s working and then breaking, it’s almost certainly a problem on the Bloglovin side of things. You could try switching back to http://www.beverleyeikli.com/feed/ basically as a “turn it off and turn it back on” option but ultimately you probably need to get help from Bloglovin support.


    Thanks – I did email bloglovin’ and they said the problem was that my pictures are “pixels” and not “jpgs”… I uploaded them as jpgs, they show in my Media Library as jpgs, so I’m not sure where/how they turned into pixels…

    Bloglovin’ also wasn’t sure why it worked yesterday… And I of course, have absolutely no idea…LOL



    This is your feed URL
    Note the medial files are included in it.
    Note also that the images are jpg’s.
    I’m sorry but we cannot help you. The issue is one at the bloglovin end of things.


    Timetheif – thanks :) I looked everywhere I could to double check that the images were jpegs but wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything… I’ve emailed Bloglovin’ again and I’ll see what can be done at their end…

    Thanks everyone for all the help… Huge learning curve for me and all the help has been so great! :)



    I am also having this problem – the light up north have you managed to get the issue fixed? Any ideas how to make the images show up? Thanks

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