Use a created website and import into WordPress

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    Hey guys!
    This is my first time I’m using WordPress and I need some help because I’m a bit lost. So first thing first, since I really don’t like the ones that WordPress is offering to me for a theme, I decided to download a free WordPress theme from the internet and I really like the one I have, Second, how do import the website file I downloaded? I see all the php files that I can customize but how do I add them to WordPress? Thanks hope you guys can help me :)



    You cannot download and install WordPress Themes to You must use one of the choices offered. It’s in the terms of service.

    Most WordPress Themes on are highly customizable, so the thumbnails and previews do not always reflect the potential of a WordPress Theme’s design options. Experiment with a few and see how you can modify them to meet your needs.

    If you would like to purchase the CSS Extra package, you may do so and customize any WordPress Theme in the list with your own CSS stylesheet. That allows you to make it look anyway you wish.

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