Use CSS to Remove Header from Specific Page & Remove Top Page Selections

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    Hi Everyone. I have two issues I could really use some help on. I know almost nothing about Web design and CSS so specific text for my sight would be appreciated.

    First part is, how can I use the CSS Style Sheet Editor to remove the page selections from the top of all the pages in the Twenty Twelve Theme? I had had someone remove it before and they added the small selection on the right hand side, but when WordPress did the last Theme update, whatever the web designer did removed that and now the page selections show up on the top which I don’t want (I think it detracts from the website if you have too many pages and it drops to a second row).

    The second question I have is how do I remove the Header image from a specific page? I have a page called Guest Book and I set a specific image to show up, but the header image appears on top of it so it makes it look cluttered. I know the page ID, it is 131. I have the theme set to use a few different images for the header, I don’t know if that matters or not. I have tried a few things I saw in other posts, but I must have the syntax wrong or something.

    The specific page I am talking about is :

    The blog I need help with is



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