Use Custom CSS and Cutline? Please Test Your Site

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    This is a problem that couldn’t be resolved in the help forum, so I’ll take advantage of staff presence here. Coraline is a great theme. My only problem with it is with the drop-down menu feature.

    In Cutline, links to Pages automatically appear in the header, but not links to Sub-pages (child pages). That’s the way I like it, as I use Sub-pages for material that isn’t important enough to be in the header.

    I’ve studied the documentation about menus, but I can’t figure out if drop-down menus can be turned OFF for Pages listed in the header. I definitely want links to the parent Pages to show up in the header (which Coraline does by default), but I wish it were optional to have Sub-pages automatically show up in drop-down menus.

    I went through the process of building a menu of Pages, without selecting the Sub-pages, but they still show up in drop-down menus. Is there any way to control that without shutting off the Page links completely?

    I tested a help-forum suggestion by adding a new page. I already had created a custom menu with other pages in it (but obviously not the new one), and I had un-clicked the option to automatically add new top-level pages. The new test page still showed up in the header, which doesn’t seem right. Presumably that’s what would happen to an existing sub-page if I made it a parent page.

    So either I’m missing something that ought to be obvious, or I’m stuck with a Coraline feature. Unless it’s something that can be fixed. Any ideas?


    Never mind. It’s fixed. I had to designate it my “Primary Menu. Everything works now. Coraline is a great theme!



    How in Coraline do I adapt the width of my pages to various display resolutions?
    Or did I misunderstand what “flexible-width” is about?


    @maxophil Coraline has multiple layouts you can choose from and has a flexible width below a certain browser window size—meaning, if you reduce the size of your browser window, Coraline will shrink to fit. You don’t have to set anything to enable the latter feature. It just happens automatically.



    Hi, i also had to adapt my design in a firefighting manier to the new coraline theme. Even tought it went fine, i was really surprised by the quick timeframe you have given us and also the reason why the cutline theme has to be removed:

    Using Cutline has been seen as a promotion of that work and that’s not something we want to do

    Did i understand you right, you’ll remove the old cutline theme because the new one has a different license.model that you don’t like? Why just not importing the new one then?


    Giving the appearance of promoting themes with restrictive licenses is something we definitely don’t want to do. But it’s also a chance to take a popular design, improve it, and make a state-of-the-art WordPress theme.


    My widgets have disappeared! I had more widgets on my site with Cutline. They have disappeared!! Does the text exist somewhere or do I have to write it all over again? This is preposterous. Will this happen again and is there some way to avoid waking up and finding that your blog now looks different and you have no control on that????




    I see, Coraline does shrink with Browser windows.
    Thank you for your explanation of the “flexible-width”.

    Still, I would very much like it to adapt to bigger screen resolutions. Readers of my blog regularly complain, that on their widescreen panels my blog only shows on a narrow vertical stripe.


    @waterfrontbrokerage Any deactivated widgets should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets panel.


    @maxophil That’s something that can definitely be done with the Custom CSS upgrade.


    I found another Coraline quirk. What I do for blockquotes in Coraline is the same thing I used to do in Cutline. I put then inside span style codes so that I get the effect of “font-style:normal;” in order to shut off the automatic italics.

    In Cutline, I was always able to italicize something within those blockquotes, but this doesn’t work in Coraline. Is there anything you can do about this?


    I’ve lost all the text for my widgets as well, due to the sudden switch from Cutline to Coraline which I knew nothing do I get the text back?


    The text is not in the inactivated widgets…? I can’t see it.


    Ok, I’m sure Coraline is a nice theme, but I’m a little frustrated that you switched over without sending any kind of notification to Cutline users. I happened to notice some problems in writing a new post (the text is jumping to the next line automatically after only a short text line) so I hit preview to see if it was doing the same thing when it posts….and only then did I discover that my site had been changed (the header was different and my widgets are gone). I did some searching and discovered this thread.

    Like I said, it’s a nice theme and I’m sure I’ll like it just as well once I get my widgets back in place…but it’s frustrating that the change was made automatically without notification.

    Perhaps now would be the time to notify Cutline users that it no longer exists (better late than never)?



    a) I am frustrated, too. I liked Cutline, and even if its commercial for the designer, I would like to keep on using it!!

    b) I use German wordpress, “Leave a comment” is in English, other links like “Published by” are in German.

    c) The smallest headline 6 was much smaller in Cutline thean in Coraline. It doesn’t look good under my pictures, it’s too big.

    d) The tags are kind of unsorted and unclean. I prefered the way Cutline showed them. The line for the tags is too short. I’ve got two different long lines for three tags!!! It doesn’t look very professional.



    How do I know Coraline won’t be changed? Blogging is a hobby that we invest time and energy in, not to mention multiple cahs upgrades so far. Is there any chance Cutline will be back? I lost a ton of work…



    this is not done!!!!!!! i’m so pissed right now!!! i lost a ton of work too as a matter of fact a,d wasn’t aware of this at all untill I got to my blog (a pleasant view)!!!



    Please note that Staff have replied to you in the other thread you posted to and are willing to assist you.



    I have a post where I entered a table and now the table is too wide for the theme.

    How do I fix this?



    How do I know if the problem is with the theme or something else? I just found this at the bottom of our CHANGED blog. So should I assume that it said Cutline before? I really have no idea what it was before because I didn’t originally set it up. I just know that so many things are missing. Will they reappear or are they totally lost? For example, link to other sites remain. Yet all of the articles written do not appear in the sidebar. Nor do recent comments. We were left with links and a calendar that we never had.

    Who got the announcement that this was to change? To whom was it sent?

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