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    I, too, missed the notice that Cutline would be going away. I went to look at my blog today and it is quite different. In particular, all the widgets are different. Where once I had a tag cloud, now I have a category cloud.

    I liked my old look and I would like to try to restore it. Unfortunately, I don’t actually know what widgets I had where. I suppose this sounds odd, but I had played around a lot and finally settled on something I liked, but now I cannot reconstruct what it is. I don’t suppose there is anyway of recovering that information, so that I can try to mimic it in Coraline? Also, there’s something totally different about the header on my blog. I do wish you’d given us a little more warning. Is there any chance we could have Cutline back, just for a day or two, so we could save screenshots and/or settings?

    Sigh. I love you guys, but this is a really unfortunate surprise.



    Also, my title is no longer appearing in my custom font style. I have checked Typekit and it has h1 listed. Is the Coraline header no longer classed as h1?



    I paid $15 (1 year) for the Cutline CSS upgrade around 4 weeks ago. Now I’ve been notified that the theme is no longer available. Couldn’t you tell me that before I paid for it? Don’t tell me WordPress guys that you didn’t know that a few weeks ago. How about a little message like: “This theme is no longer available for CSS upgrade”.

    That about marketing.

    Now the theme. Caroline does not work well across browsers (Cutline I miss you!): the CSS background color is Ok in IE but not in FF. Another complain: don’t try to add margins to the #content area (Were are you Cutline? You weren’t an A+ theme, but you did your job very well.)

    Am I asking too much If I request to transfer my recent payment to another theme? WordPress has been a reliable service up to now, but I think this issue is not adding points to you service record.



    I was using Cutline and with the switch to Coraline All my widgets disappeared, except for recent entries and links. Will WP be able to restore them or do I have to do it myself?



    OK, I think it has been determined that our blog was changed to the Theme: Coraline. Unfortunately we weren’t aware of it.

    So I was able to put things back to the sidebar. The information was in Widgets.

    The next thing is the Header on our blog. It is so peculiar now. When I go to Header under Appearances, it says “This will restore the original header image. You will not be able to restore any customizations.” I don’t know if our image is considered custom…but I assume that means it was not a selection that came with the theme. Is Original Header the one that came with the theme?

    Does this take it back to the Cutline header, or will I lose what I have?

    I don’t remember exactly what was up there next to the image either, such as Home, etc. Are those considered part of the header too?

    Also in the admin section, now the columns are not as wide so information runs into the next column from the first. Is there a fix?

    Also many of the articles that were written are now poorly viewed and the format is all changed. The wording is chopped off in sentences
    like this.
    And furthermore,
    will we have to go back and reformat all of the articles on our blog?


    I solved the latest Coraline problem I posted about — getting italics within a blockquote, after I routinely set a span style to “normal” font at the start of every blockquote.

    The solution — maybe no one else cares — is this. Just before the phrase within the blockquote to be italicized, turn off the span code, then set a new span code for font styleitalic, then enter the text, then turn off the span code, and then restore the span style to “normal” font again for the rest of the blockquoted material.

    Within blockquotes that have been set to “normal” font, italics has to be done with span codes. Using “em” won’t work.


    However, my solution to my italics problem is only for new posts. Older posts have lost the italics font in “normalized” blockquotes, and it’s way too late to go back and edit them. The only real fix is to tweak Coraline so that “blockquotes” behaves like it did in Cutline.

    Better still if it didn’t automatically italicize blockquoted text.



    Are there any support people helping out with these problems?? Or are we on our own here?


    I’m not using the custom CSS but my old cutline theme got screwed up pretty badly. basically I have to go and put all the widgets up again manually and start from scratch.

    you said users without the CSS wouldn’t even notice the switch. well thank you. I noticed it and my readers will, too.

    is this going to be fixed or do I have to start over from 0.




    I go to my blog this evening and lo and behold, all the widgets and buttons I spent time getting just right have disappeared. My blog looks like someone threw up on it. Are you kidding me? What a total dick move on WP’s part. Same goes for the forced Coraline transition. The Neil Gaiman reference just makes it worse. (Would it have been that hard to email everyone who uses the Cutline theme saying the transition’s coming? You’ve got everyone’s email address, don’t you?) Please fix this. Now.


    I was away for the weekend as well and didn’t know about this until today when somebody mentioned to me that my site was looking busier. I’ve lost all my widgets and am now trying to find them. Funny thing is I was just telling someone how impressed I was with

    No longer.



    I just noticed my blog looks like a big fat mess and all my hard work has gone down the tube! I don’t have the time or the knowledge to fix this! Everything has gone – I agree how hard would it have been to email everyone using Cutline. I can’t stand this mess – my blog looks awful and I feel very embarassed for anyone to see it! Please fix this. Now!



    I WAS using Cutline, adn didn’t get the message.. I don’t think I was usin CSS but what happened now is ALL my widgets dissapeared. Can I somehow get them back????

    I’d appreciate some help here! I want to change theme, don’t lika Coraline at all.. will they dissapear again, so I should do that first?

    Greatful for help!


    I am not using CSS upgrade and dont plan to. But see to this please –

    I have opened relevant threads in support forums as regards to compatibility with IE6. Even as of today, the sidebars drop in IE6 and also in FF 3.0 when you view the archives section. Can you also fully confirm that the theme is fully compatible with IE7 and higher as well as FF.



    Ok, I found the widgets.. they are inaktive and are below all the other widget options. But why are some in english and some in my language (swedish)?


    I cannot believe that you did this change without notifying us via e-mail.

    The blog that I have developed has a following of people who check it everyday.

    I just saw my blog and was jn shock because there was nothing there except my last post.

    Unlike others, I do not have the time to basically remake my blog so that it will be up again by tomorrow.

    This move on the part of wordpress was unprofessional.

    It doesn’t matter if this software is free or not. If wordpress is trying to develop a reputation, pulling stunts like this isn’t helping it.


    I join the list of people who had a nasty shock logging in to my blog and finding out it looked completely different. I’ve lost all my widgets, and all my “Links” which I spent time carefully sorting into categories have now been mashed together in one long list. Haven’t had time yet to investigate the rest of the damage. I was too surprised by how much the initial appearance has changed to check the rest of my content – judging by other people’s problems I’ll have to sort through and see if there’s more to remedy! Ugh! Cutline was quite beautiful but Coraline is underwhelming visually – especially the header font.

    And this is quite alarming when you have no idea what’s gone on! Thank goodness I actually thought to check here and found out that it’s an arbitrary change that has been suddenly forced on us. Now instead of being able to write a new post I will have to focus my time and attention in trying to get my blog to resemble what it was before – what i had taken time and energy ‘tweaking’ over the last few years, like other users, and which is now all undone. I’m embarrassed by how it looks, and frustrated that I have to go re-do all my work! Please. Please try to notify people next time!

    And why did you do this just before all your Support staff went on a hiatus? I’ve had no problems with WordPress up to now but this is a serious fault and it’s very disappointing. Bloggers expect consistency in their hosting site! Are there more things which will arbitrarily change without notice on us?



    I’m having the same problem @thelordshousekeeper is, with text automatically jumping to the next line, resulting in a 2″ right margin in the draft form of the posts. It looks fine once it’s published, but I can’t get a good feel for what it will look like in drafts. Help!


    If any Sidebar Widgets disappeared after the theme switch they should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets pane. If they’re not, or if you need help setting up any of your widgets again, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you out.

    For more information, please read the Cutline to Coraline FAQs.

    @thelordshousekeeper @fyiuso Like Twenty Ten, Coraline has special styles for the Visual Editor. What you’re seeing when you’re editing your post is very close to what it will look like when it’s published.

    @indiahomeschool Your site is working correctly from what I can see in IE6, IE7, and Firefox. Would you be able to clear your browser cache and let us know if you’re still experiencing the same issues?

    @veganactivist Coraline uses the same header font as Cutline. (Coraline is very similar typographically and layout-wise to Cutline.)

    Let us know if you run into other issues. We’re happy to help.



    It would have been helpful if WP had notified Cutline users specifically before making this change over 2 business days. While the differences my be subtle, it still doesn’t look as crisp as Cutline. Now I see that this news was buried in an email that was sent out yesterday (Aug 9th), announcing the new theme Coraline, but not headlining it as a replacement for Cutline. I would have paid attention to that! Seeing news of another new theme didn’t grab my attention, as I was quite happy with my current theme. Next time, as a courtesy, please send an email out to users with the subject “Your theme has been discontinued/replaced”. Thank you.

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