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Use Custom CSS and Cutline? Please Test Your Site

  1. Also, is there a way to change the "Home" and "About" tab background color? It is solid black now, with white lettering, and is interfering with my header image. It doesn't look good. I would like it to look like it did before in Cutline. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. I'm totally with yachtlaw and probes 101. Cutline was fine for me and I a CSS neophyte. I had made one or two tweaks to the Cutline CSS and now look at my company's blog...

    It's a disaster!!!

    I don't even know where to start.

    Two business days notice; do you think we're all waiting around with nothing to do except wait for the hand of god to undo our blogs?!?!?!

    Where do I start????

  3. @amweekes Yes – good catch! In Coraline, Typekit will need to be set on #masthead #site-title instead of #masthead h1.

    @tibaire4 You can switch to another theme at any time, the CSS Upgrade isn't tied to a particular theme – it's tied to your account.

    @rossartgroup Unfortunately the navigation background color isn't changeable (unless you have the Custom CSS upgrade – in which case you could adjust the color as desired).

    @gthankyou Looks like your site is running smoothly now.

  4. Update: After a few long days of edits and self-taught CSS amends, my blog is starting to look ok again.

    Thanks to @Lance and @Themeshaper for their comments in this thread.

    Actually, Coraline appears to be a very good theme, particularly for custom CSS users - very customisable, allowing almost a blank canvas to work on, once you've found your way around the style sheet elements.

    I think we're all in agreement that the changeover could have been handled better by WP, with a much longer notice period etc, but at least the replacement theme is pretty good.

  5. I too like the Coraline Theme, BUT (and its a big but) there are problems with images.

    Firstly, the Coraline Theme ignores the width and height attributes in an image. I have many small images which are all sized 40x29. However, The Coraline Theme displays these as 40wide, but with a height which retains the aspect ratio of the originally uploaded photo.

    So, if I uploaded a photo which was 400wide and 600high, Coraline would display my image as 40wide and 60 high - not the 29 I requested.

    So, how can I persuade Corlaine to use the width and height attributes specified by me? (Please don't suggest changing my pages - I have 1000!)

    The second problem is again associated with images, but this time with the visual editor. There are a variety of problems....

    a) If you try to reduce the image in size using the grab-handles, no feed-back of the reduced size is given. The image is always displayed full size (500x375).

    b) After updating the post, the images do appear as the intended size - albeit that Coraline keeps the aspect ratio of the original. However, on re-editing with the Visual editor, images without a caption are re-displayed full size.

    c) Images with a caption are displayed reduced size in the Visual Editor (albeit not with the aspect ratio I want). However, they cannot subsequently be edited - either with the gran handler or with the picture icon. Every time the image is clicked on, it appears to grow in size by a few pixels and the grab-handles and picture icon immediately disappear.

    d) Editing a post with images in a table is impossible - especially if the original images were large. If say, I have a table with 3 columns - each one with a reduced-size image of 150wide, I can only see the first column because the Visual editor is displaying its image full size (500 wide) - not 150 wide.

    I suspect all these problems stem from using {height:auto; width:auto} and also from a fault in the Theme which ignores the width and height attributes if they have been set.

  6. @panaghiotisadm

    Thank you! Removing the size-full attribute from my images now means that the visual editor behaves itself.

    I think my one remaining problem is that images with captions retain the aspect of the original image.

  7. @Lance: This link should take you to some of the mysterious shrinking book cover images. Quite frustrating.

    Also, by chance, trying to fix this problem, I see that the Tweet Button appears beneath each isolated image I've clicked on (if you see what I mean). Is that what it's supposed to do? It doesn't show up on the full posts.

  8. sensuouscurmudgeon

    I have some lingering annoyances about Coraline. They're not serious, and I'm not a CSS user, so I can put up with these if the theme isn't tweaked:

    Someone earlier mentioned excessive "leading." I agree There does seem to be a bit too much spacing between paragraphs -- maybe about 20% or 30% less space would look better.

    Links in sidebar widgets aren't underlined, not even those in text widgets. I guess that's not much of a problem, as they do change color when moused-over. But it would be better if, during a mouse-over, they appeared underlined. Then they'd look more like links.

    Like some other commenters, I'm not thrilled about the black rectangle with white text that highlights the selected menu choice in the header. (I use a white background -- the old "Cutline" look.) Maybe the solution that would work with all background options would be to underline the item instead of making it a reverse-color block. They are links, after all.

  9. @artandhistory All the images look good to me and seem to be sized correctly.

    Regarding what happens when you click the image: If the images are uploaded and attached to a post, and you choose "File URL" as the link for the image, clicking the image from the post will direct you to a single attachment page -- which acts like any other post (Tweet This, comments, etc) except it only shows a single image.

    If you don't want that to happen, you'll can change the setting during the image upload process: near the bottom of the upload form you'll see "Link URL", which a choice on none, File URL, and Post URL. Post URL is what I'm describing above, File URL will just show the plain image by itself (and nothing else), and none removes the link completely.

  10. The Coraline Theme seems to fix the number of columns in a gallery to 3. Changing the number in the gallery options makes no difference.

  11. I ended up just switching to a new theme entirely.
    Works for me - though I'm still a little disgruntled about the whole thing. I don't enjoy being told "No, there's nothing substantially different" when I complain that I don't like the look of the (obviously different) substituted theme. I don't really feel my concerns were listened to. I didn't need to be placated or corrected - I would simply have liked a "sorry, we hear your concerns and we did the best we could to keep the original look!" A little acknowledgment, you know?

    Any plans to discontinue Connections in the future? :P

  12. @knashermac2009 2-column and 3-column galleries appear to be working correctly (any number of columns larger than that won't fit in the Coraline content area).

  13. @veganactivist We've tried to keep Coraline and Cutline aesthetically similar—including making further tweaks since the launch—and we're sorry to hear it's been a disappointing upgrade for you. If you run into any issues with Connections Reloaded (or any other theme) let us know about it and we'll get things sorted out for you.

  14. @themeshaper Thank you. So far Connections has been lovely and simple to use. I see some others have done good things with Coraline - maybe if I had stuck with it I would have found a way. But anyways, a new look is a good thing. Thanks for listening - that's all I needed. :)

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