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Use custom image for background in

  1. I know how to use css to use a custom image for the background of a website if i were making it myself from ground up, but wordpress only gives you one css page, and can't tell that you want to fetch an image from your computer.

    Usually you would use:
    body {background-image:url('imagenamegoeshere');}
    but how does know where the image comes from? and how do you make it work? because when I typed:
    body {background-image:url('background.jpg');}
    and saved my custom css, it did nothing.

    I use a pc and it would be great if anyone could help out a bit.

  2. Please be clear on the following facts:
    This support forum is only for those who (1) have a free hosted blog and (2) have purchased an annually renewable custom design upgrade for their free hosted blog .

    If and only if, that accurately describes you and your blog then please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you purchased the annually renewable custom design upgrade for.

  3. At you have to use the entire URL of the image that you upload to your media library since your custom CSS is stored in the MySQL database, not as a file. That means you have to give the full URL

    body {
    background-image: url("FULL URL OF IMAGE HERE");
  4. @ timethief: Yes, I know I didn't provide a link, but that is because the website I am making is for a non-profit group and they would like to keep it private until they are able to fully launch the website.

    @ thesacredpath: Thanks so much! :) But, when you say "Full URL", do you mean that I need to have code that looks something like this?:

    body {
    background-image: url("");
  5. @ thesacredpath: Oh, one more thing added on to that... how do I find the URL from just looking at my Media Library? I'm a newbie when it comes to CSS... sorry for the stupid questions... >____<"

  6. If you click on the image file name in the media library, in the window that opens the URL will be in the grey field toward the bottom of that page.

  7. @thesacredpath: Thank You:)

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