Use Feed as Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools?

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    i read, some people submit the RSS feed of their blog as a sitemap in goolge webmaster tools. But on googles faq i also read this:

    Generally, a syndication feed does not include all URLs, so if you want to use the feed to let Google know about all URLs in your site, you may need to adjust your feed settings. If your feed includes only recent URLs, Google can still use that information to find out about other pages on your site during its normal crawling process by following links inside pages in the feed. If you use this format for your site, simply add the URL of the file.

    So does any of you have experience if submitting the feed as sitemap does any good? Or does it even diminish the number of pages google sees on your blog?



    Easy answer – it works just great.

    If in doubt, you can always change the length of your feed page (follow options > reading, and it’s under ‘syndication feeds’).

    You can set this to include all of your posts if you want to, rather than just the last few.

    It’ll make your feed very very long, though, rendering it useless on dial-up, though – so on balance, it may be better just to wing it, since it works fine anyway.

    In general, every post in a blog has a link to the post before and the post after, so Google should be able to crawl everything just fine.

    And it does.



    Thanks for your answer.

    So i entered in google webmaster tools as a sitemap –
    and i got a lot of error-messages back:

    Incorrect namespace
    Invalid URL
    URL not allowed
    Invalid XML: too many tags

    Does this mean the feed doesn’t follow the specifications? Wouldn’t it easily be possible that provided ‘real’ sitemaps for its blogs?

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