Use front page template without having it be the front page…(2012)

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    I’d like to use the front page template in the 2012 theme to hold my “About” page, but I’d like my blog page to be the front page. Anyone know if this is possible? When I tried simply checking “front page displays your latest posts” on Settings>Reading, it seemed to screw up the blog page (emptied it).

    The log I need help with is:

    The blog I need help with is



    Just wanted to try one more time on this one – anyone have any ideas about how to do this on themes that have a “front page template”? Thanks!


    Looks like you’ve resolved your issue. Well done!



    Thanks for looking, but no. To be more clear, I’d like the posts page to be (right now it is /blog)

    and the About page to be

    Sorry if I haven’t been clear!


    So you want when people click on the main link for your BLOG it is the page with your new postings? I found once you fiddle with default, you have to create a new page…..just title it POSTINGS or whatever you want and save it. Then go back and recheck the box….underneath the ‘static page’ setting note you can also play with which page loads where once you have that extra page created. Hope this helps.

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