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  1. Does someone who want to make a big splash with CSS want to customize my blog for me? I am regularly ranked in the top 10 of wordpress blogs. Ever since I came back to this blog (from another blogging venue), I have been averaging around 2500 hits with days where it was much more. If you know CSS (cuz I don't, and don't have time to learn), and you want a venue that's been linked to by instapundit and all the big political blogs to show off your stuff, contact me via email: eteraz at gmail dot com. My only requirement is that the specifications have to be mine (though I am a pretty open minded guy)

    let me know; otherwise i'll keep switching between the white as milk and the silver is the new black themes for the rest of eternity.

  2. Ok, I read some of the other threads: my requirements are as follows:

    - customizing either the a) silver is the new black theme or b) the white as milk theme

    - if a), then I need the font bigger, the ability to put a tag line under my name, be able to place a header if i want, bigger font for commentators, a little toolbar for the commentators so they can hit B for bold, I for italic, and a url link button. The text widgets look ugly in the theme. I'd like them modernized and the text in them made smaller. I'm sure I can think of other things.

    if b), then i need, most importantly, the text area widened so it goes a bit further to the right, and the sidebar pulled to the left side about an inch and a half. I'd also like, beneath the tag line, a nice modern looking (with little white in it) blue border bar that separates the header from the rest. I'd also like some kind of nice bordering on either edge. I'd like to be able to display up to 10 comments. The post headings font larger. Switch all the fonts to Trebuchet 10. A trackback button that people who want the trackback can use. That's all I can think of for now. In return I will give you credit somewhere prominent on the site. Like maybe make a page for you or inside my 'about' page (which gets read a lot).

  3. Holy guacamole! And you want someone to volunteer to do all that for you - hours of work - free of charge. Well, if you do score then for goodness sake let me know because I'll be looking for a similar deal. lol :D

  4. i am willing to pay. but i do not know what the rates are and i want a discount.

  5. Patriot Fan was also asking if anyone could help him too. I don't know anything about that. Maybe try finding a friend or a relative that might know what to do.

  6. @eteraz
    Shhesh - I was only kidding. lol :D Didn't you see the big smile?
    I do believe someone will help us in time.
    In fact I believe there will be an array of css customized themes that we will be able to choose from.
    I also believe there will be beloved geeks who will be willing to volunteer to guide us "non-techies" step by step through the whole process.
    Until then, as they say on CBC radio program called Dead Dog in the City, we must "stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs". lol :D

  7. In that CSS thing, can we cut and paste an entire template that's already been done? Like I only know a minimal amount of html knowledge. But if I could find one that already comes with the codes, could I just paste that in??

  8. Maybe we could start a third forum, like Ideas and Support, for CSS? Then it would be much easier to match up the tinkerers with those who wish to be tinkered upon.

  9. @ raincoaster and nosy
    This thread in the css forum and the others like it will clearly identify the please help us tinker types to those who are adept in css customization.
    And 'yes' in time I believe we non-techies will be in a position to just follow some step by step basic copy and paste type instructions to achieve what we want. But first the must make a bunch of models for us to choose from and if you read the forum threads carefully you will notice that wank is already indicating interest in taking a theme customization on
    "stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs" *lol*

  10. In that CSS thing, can we cut and paste an entire template that's already been done? Like I only know a minimal amount of html knowledge. But if I could find one that already comes with the codes, could I just paste that in??

    actually that depends, if you want to customize it first (i mean image), you should edit it first especially every lines that contains *.jpg, *.gif, *.png

  11. well i am trying to upload to my blog and cannot

  12. plus all the writing ie print on my blog lokks so tiny it can hardly be seen

  13. - "stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs"
    Okey Dokey, I be Right HERE, wait'n, on the Cut/Paste Great New blog designs....
    Hilarious thread --and I need a giggle --after discovering that new "My Comments" thing --and what it does. Yikes. I am still freaking...maybe I'll change to black font on black ground....

  14. @poppy8sd - this is where we can register and chat :D

  15. "@poppy8sd - this is where we can register and chat :D"

    Think so??? I Registered --it didn't send e-mail, doesn't recognize my "password" --there is no address/link to "administrator" --to fix its problem. What's the point of going there??? It won't let me in, I'm staying HERE!

  16. No! NO! girl settle down I was *NOT* suggesting you leave WordPress and I'm certainly *NOT* leaving either - I mean - as if?

    The unofficial forum drmike sponsors free of charge is for chat and information exchange this one is only for wordpress support. In the unofficial forum we can yammer all we want about anything under the sun.
    You will be getting a confirmation email and if you forgot your password or whatever you can straigthen that out - the fix is already in the works.
    Breathe girl *BREATHE* and dare I repeat this? Oh what the heck [she said with a big grin]:D
    "stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs" *lol*

  17. hehehe...NOT leaving WP??? LOL...Really??? (I knew.) Since I had JUST registered: it was goofy it "didn't" recognize *Password I had entered. After hour --two? and no confirm e-mail, I got bored trying.

    "...unofficial forum drmike sponsors free of charge is for chat and information..."
    --THAT clears up that little mystery.... Clueless where it came from, Why you were directing people to it yesterday, etc. I put up a post, on one of my non-WP blogs, that drew huge attention and I was busy with that and with trying to make stupid #@!$#%$ website work, so end of the night I tried to do the Forum thing but too tired to stick it, when "it" wouldn't lemme in.

  18. Assalamu Alaykum Brother Eteraz,

    I just may be able to help, since I've been gettimng used to css at the moment. I may not be able to do alot of it, but things like widening the writng space etc. is not that difficult once you look at the css files.

    I'm willing ot help my brother in Islam.

    Anyone else (non-muslim): I'm willing to help you too.


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