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    I have started another blog showing the art in houses up for sale as shown in real estate websites. I will be linking back to the sites, but do I have a problem with copyright? Is it US law or where I am? can I use those pictures if I credit where it comes from. Many many blogs collect pictures from other websites seemingly legitimately. I assume it is OK?



    Yes, techically you have a problem. Technically, it is illegal to use copyrighted works without permission. Functionally, it is a different story. In all cases, anything on a is subject to US law (that’s in the Terms of Service).

    These are the etiquette, as differentiated from the law:
    As with text, never take the whole thing, ie if a site has eight images, only use one or two. Always link back. You may wish to write out an acknowledgment as well. If a copyright notice is displayed on the page, always respect it fully. Use of thumbnails not only provides legal protection, but also can be a source of goodwill, as the original uploaders see you’re not trying to rival them.

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