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Use of punctuation in blog posts

  1. My blog falls into two categories, erotic story and simply, "others".

    I had one women read a post and make a comment to me about what she did not like about my blog, offering suggestions and what not in a constructive manner, not to be negative. And it has been bugging me a little. When it comes to my actual stories, I use proper punctuation and follow almost all those grammar rules that I can. But when it comes to my "other" topics, I write as I speak. I use lots of pauses when I speak, so have many "..." and I am usually in a happy mood so use quite a bit of "!!!" to show that as well.

    So my question to you all, how do you feel about people who choose to write how they speak with excessive punctuation in their blogs???

  2. cestlavieladypatience

    Depends on how understandable it is. I don't know all these acronyms these people us, and I'm 26. I guess I'm suppose to know these type of things right? Anyway as long as I can understand what you're saying its all good with me.

  3. Oh no. The English is sound. I think the only computer lingo I use in my posts is "LOL!!!" I just use the exclamation points a lot and the dot dot dot... OH!!! Pretty much the only acronym used is "TIFC" but that is a recurring one in the blog itself.

    Thanks for your input C'est la vie!!!

  4. invisiblemikey

    I popped over to read a couple of your posts, wc. I'm sorry you had an unpleasant interchange with an impolite critic. I generally agree with what cestie said. However, I also think some of your punctuation enthusiasms reduce their effectiveness for readers. There's a cap on exclamation points for several reasons. If you use more than one, it does not mean you are more happy or excited. It means you are writing advertising copy. Extra exclamations in English are typically used in sales, and in spam, and most people don't like spam. You can use more of them for comic effect, as in parodies, but one really is the limit even when you are trying to write like you speak. You can use all-caps or put single words in bold face instead, or even employ italics, or underlining.

    I hope you find success and fulfillment as a writer. I have great respect for teachers.

  5. I'm quite torn on this. On one hand, I do think that each of us settles into our own style of writing once we've been doing it for a while. On the other hand, there are always going to be people who are sticklers for things done properly - and in some peoples' opinions, over-enthusiastic punctuation might not be entirely proper (that's not a criticism of either side; I have a lot of punctuation quirks myself but am really hot on particular things too).

    I do wonder whether you've considered setting up two separate blogs; one for your stories and one for the other things. If the two are very different in their style and content, you might find that you attract two completely different sets of readers.

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