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Use the OpenID thing to grant friends access to a blog if I move from LJ/DW?

  1. I have a friends-only blog on LJ/DW (my friends are spread between the two so I crosspost, which is vaguely annoying- my personal life really isn't interesting enough to warrant duplication!)

    I like many things about using wordpress better than I do using the above blogging sites. However, I have many friends who I would not still be in contact with if I had not used Livejournal and more recently Dreamwidth. I would not want to lose contact with them now.

    Can OpenID be used to grant access and allow people to subscribe to a basically private journal here, and for me be granted access to my friend's journals, so that I can quit this crossposting nonsense and just have my blog here?

    If so, how is this done?

    If not, any alternative suggestions? Getting everyone to move with me at once isn't an option, unfortunately!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, it cannot. Getting everyone to subscribe all over again is exactly what you have to do, unfortunately. Use the Email Subscription widget and the RSS widget and they can then choose which of the two methods they want OR they can sign up for a WordPress ID and read you on their dashboard.

  3. really isn't geared up for the kind of semi-private journalling people do on LJ and DW; you're limited as to how many friends you can have viewing a private blog and you'll inevitably lose a bunch of readers in the transition. Most of the livejournallers I know who switched to wordpress either drifted back to lj because they missed the sense of community, or ended up crossposting everything to lj anyway. (I'm guessing that crossposting to three sites wasn't what you had in mind...)

    What is it about that you like better than the other sites?

  4. is basically excellent for people who want their words to be widely read. If that's not what you want, she's right: Stick with LJ. It does that better than anyone.

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