used site sucker to save contents of site- it erased everything! Help?

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    Have any of you encountered this? I am looking for ideas on how to recover the site content.
    Everything is gone–widgets, theme, pages and posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    I heard about something like this two years ago, and she was basically screwed. Check your Trash file, though, and your Inactive Widgets on the Widget page. And if that fails, check Google cache. I’ve flagged this for staff attention.



    From the About info, it looks like if you use it while signed in, it removes your site. If you use it while logged out, it duplicates your site.

    God, that thing is DANGEROUS.


    Wow. That’s crazy. Thanks for pointing this out. I read one good review and was sold. I should have read this over more carefully.



    That application wouldn’t have any way of connecting with our system to delete your site.

    If you were connecting via FTP or similar file transfer protocol, it certainly would, but not something as complicated as the Dashboard interface. Basically, an automated program would not know how to log in to, navigate your Dashboard, place a post in the Trash, then Empty the Trash. Perhaps someday such programs could do that, but specifically this program cannot.

    According to your site’s logs, you (or someone with your account) bulk-deleted all of your posts. First, please change your and email password (as your email account can be used to recover your password).

    Once you have done that, please let me know, and I’ll see if we can get your content restored.

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