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    Hi There, helpful people,
    Whenever I try to download photos on my blog, SORRY YOU HAVE USED UP YOUR DOWNLOAD QUOTA appears as an error. How can I now overcome this? If I delete some earlier images, does that then mean I can download further images again? The blog is a social local village site for all to enjoy and contribute to, and I feel I am letting others down if I cannot keep it going.
    Best Wishes . . . . Paul

    The blog I need help with is


    In the media library, look for photos that are not “attached” which means they do not appear in posts or pages. If you have a good number of those you can delete them.

    The only other choice would be to buy one of the space upgrades which will increase the amount of storage space you have. It has to be renewed yearly, but that is one choice for you.

    The other choice would be to sign up for a second blog (set it to block search engines at settings > privacy) and then use the upload space on that blog for images and then hotlink to them from the main blog (insert from URL).



    The site linked to your name only has two posts – is that the site you are talking about? If not we need a link to the blog in question to provide accurate help.

    Upload or Download?? There are no download / bandwidth limits at WordPress.COM. There are limits for Uploading files to a blog.

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