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User accounts not imported

  1. I have made an import from a self hosted site but my user accounts were not imported. I can I fix it ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's an entirely new blog, so you will have to re-invite them from the Users page of the dashboard.

  3. Some of them have left my company, so I can't invite them, but I would like however to keep their posts online in this new blog because it will replace the old one. No way to do that ?

  4. Their posts should have imported. Are the actual posts missing, or just the author names?

  5. Their posts were imported, but now they all appear as : "Posted by Proxiad" instead of "Posted by Bob" or "Posted by Cedric". And of course we can't see their profiles (photo, etc) anymore.

  6. The Authors of a post have to be existing accounts; I think that's the problem. If they get an account, then easily you can use the Bulk Editor on the dashboard Posts page to change the author to them after the fact, but if they have no account you may not be able to change that at all.

    You could re-create their "profiles" in a text widget, uploading and adding your own image etc.

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