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User Disappears, Unable to Re-invite

  1. A user on my blog disappeared. She had an editor role, and then at some point when she logged in she could no longer edit or add posts, and said only shows up as a follower. On the user list, her account doesn't appear, although she is counted in the total list above the list of users (in this case All(3)). However, her role 'Editor' doesn't show up in that list.

    When I tried re-inviting her by account or username it says 'That use already has a role.' I also tried deleting her invitation and re-inviting her, to no success.
    Blog url:

  2. I only see two used on the blog now.

    Can you try inviting her as a different user role?

  3. When I do that I get the message:
    User already has a role on your site.

  4. You'll need to remove her first. Can you remove her, then re-invite her?

  5. No, I cannot, because she's not listed on the users page available from the dashboard.

    They only thing I can remove is the invitation to her, which I've done once already, which allows me to re-invite her, but only as a follower. After removing the invite and trying to reinvite her with a role I get the same 'user already has a role on your site' message.

  6. Ok, I see what you mean. Hang in there while we look into this.

  7. Hi. It looks as if you may have resolved this issue. If you're still having trouble, please let us know so that we can continue to investigate your particular issue. We are aware of an issue that may have caused this, and it's on our list to look into further. Thanks.

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