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    Recently Attempted Change Of User E-Mail –
    1 – Email received to old email address indicating change of user e-mail as requested as I undertook operation no response needed –

    2 – Email received to new e-mail address indicating change and giving a follow through link ? – First Attempt – – Second Attempt To Change E-mail – Login method in both cases by not submitting email –

    – Dashboard – Personal Settings Still Indicate – There is a pending change of your e-mail – Question to resolve this and set new email as replacement for old – login from e-mail link ? giving NEW email address is this the protocol for correcting this on WordPress ?

    – Checked All Support Tags For Issues Relating And Answers – Also checked here for information – Slightly off this topic within link above clicking on personal settings within that page sends me to my sites – Global Dashboard –

    – Background Support Requests Global Dashboard – – Hope there is not to many links here for this support request to be picked up as a spam post within the forum –

    The blog I need help with is


    Thank You Email Now Seems Resolved On This Login – Thank You Again Quick Work From Someone !



    It’s good to know this issue has been resolved. Happy blogging!


    Thank you – However what is the protocol for this for others ? Also one or more of your servers seems to be wonky ! – Please correct that WordPress / Automattic – Matt – Thank You


    This Support Request Is Now Resolved –

    – E-mail Change conformation sent to New email address – Link from WordPress seemed Not to set Old email to New once logged in –

    – There may have been a glitch work – around method in this case or staff worked very quickly to correct this – – Pasting received link into WordPress – Clicking on link above when logged In could have confirmed pending change of email – It did seem to change when it was clicked – That’s all me knows : )

    – This is still wonky when logged in and clicking personal settings from that support page


    Support Request Updated –
    Problem Elevation Detected June 27

    I have updated this support request – Not resolved
    Issue detected –

    (1) Within login and clicking on this link here – – Unable to update your email new_email_result=0 is shown –

    (2) From Dashboard – Personal Settings – Account Options – The new email address is stable –

    Browser Used To Hunt This Glitch Today Firefox – All Enhancements Turned Off –



    Hi there,

    I’m not sure I understand the problem you’re experiencing here. Are you trying to update your email address again? If so, you’ll need to start by visiting your account settings here:

    You can enter a new email address on that page, which will send you a new confirmation email and link to confirm the change. (The old confirmation link you receive before will not work for future changes.)


    So the confirmation email link received and posted is a server legacy of an action already undertaken with my current updated email taking the place of my old email address – Yes I understand this now and NO my present email is NOT being updated again –

    The question of protocol with regarding this action – I would assume in most cases login from the email link would have the effect of resetting the email address from old to new – However this did NOT happen even after several attempts so I posted the above support request and also included the link WordPress provided – On reviewing the post and testing the confirmation link by clicking on it whilst within login my email was updated with the comment updated email successful or something like that –

    Not encountered this data change method before – So is the protocol method for this to copy and paste email link into WordPress and then click link when within login to change settings –



    Hi there,

    If you aren’t already logged in to your account when you click the confirmation link in the email, you may need to log in and click the link again (or copy and paste it into your browser) for the change to take effect.



    Dashboard – Users – Personal Settings – Account settings all updated with new email – Using other method indicated above copy and pasting link into WordPress and clicking on email confirmation link and resetting – Dat seemed to worked for me so if all OK in Dashboard and personal account settings with new email there nothing to worry about then –

    Will test a login using new email as a test if all reset correctly on your server thinks –


    Login with new email updated so all stable – So will reset this support request as resolved – Also this still seems wonky when clicking on personal settings browser tab indicates Global Dashboard but address not indicate that why is that please ?



    Also this still seems wonky when clicking on personal settings browser tab indicates Global Dashboard but address not indicate that why is that please ?

    That page is the same page you can get to under Users > Personal Settings in your blog’s dashboard. The URL that’s linked to from that support page is just another way to get there.

    If you prefer, you can change your account settings from your settings page here instead:


    Thank You – Happiness Engineer
    I can now update this as Resolved you have been very helpful thank you again.


    Hello – Happiness Engineer Think
    Can You Check My Email Change – Godaddy Polls Still Show My Old email can this be updated across the board – Please



    Hi there,

    Do you mean the Polldaddy Polls (under Feedback > Polls in your site’s dashboard)? That email address is separate from your account email, and you can change it by signing in at Polldaddy here:


    Hello –
    Yes that right – PollDaddy Account – Linked To WordPress Blog – Old email address still linked with PollDaddy Account – API key is used to access PollDaddy account –

    When at PollDaddy account think –

    We have detected an existing PollDaddy account with that is already used with your account – You may have imported or automatically created this PollDaddy account when using polls on Do you want to connect to this account or do you have another ?

    This to complex for me today !



    You can connect that Polldaddy account with your account. Then, you can head to your Polldaddy account settings to update the email address:


    Hello –
    Yes That Should Do The Job With Regards That – Thank You.

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