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    I don’t think so. This whole forced move from Windows Live Spaces to this ‘thing’ sucks big time. This thing is the least user friendly and UNATTRACTIVE place I’ve been in a long time. It’s a total time vampire trying to figure it out! I don’t have hours to spend on this thing…it’s not even intuitive. And I lost all of my stuff from Windows when I was forced to switch over to this piece of junk.
    Good bye…lots of luck!

    The blog I need help with is


    Try tumblr or if you are adventurous and don’t care about having XHTML validation errors, blogger.


    You might also look at this:
    If wordpress is so user unfriendly, why is it walking away from all other platforms.

    You want to blame someone, blame Microsoft for setting you adrift. The lucky thing is, now that you have migrated here, you have a lot more choices as to where to go since there are ways of getting your content into the other platforms such as blogger.



    God, how we’ll miss you. You’ve no idea.



    Some people complain if you hung them with a silk rope – and we welcomed the ungrateful with open file servers and gave them an easy way out the door which is more than Microsoft did –



    Did you try asking for help here in the forums? As far as I can tell, this is the only post you’ve ever made in the forums.

    One of’s greatest assets is its friendly user-to-user forums. It’s a shame you never took advantage of it while you were here and hope you enjoy blogging wherever you go. Cheers!

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