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    Hey, I’m having a problem with my user icon, or whatever it is called. I changed the display image, the gravatar, the god-knows-what icons, and it just won’t work. All my comments show this ugly icon of a silly green-n-white design that just won’t go no matter what images I change! How in the world do I change that??

    The blog I need help with is


    Okay, it worked after a while on one computer. But now that I open my blog on another computer, it goes back to that little ugly green icon! Can anybody please help on how to fix this?



    Wait. As a forum search would tell you, it takes some time for the image to propagate across different places in



    Just in case someone uses the search box and finds this thread I’m posting the best practices for uploading a gravatar.

    (1) Prepare the image prior to uploading it and make sure it’s no larger than 128 pixels X 128 pixels square.

    (2) The image filetype has to be either PNG, GIF or JPG. Make sure the file name contains only letters and numbers – no special characters – no transparency – and make sure all letters are in lowercase.

    (3) Also make sure the image file name has an extension (Example – image.jpg)

    (4) Note that there is a time delay while your gravatar image propagates. If you are experiencing problems then go to the gravatar site and read the FAQs as it contains common questions and answers to them


    I am having the same problem. I changed my Gravatar but the icon next to the My Account option is actually a logo that I have for a work blog which is also weird. Either way, I am waiting for it to change. I just did this so hopefully it changes soon.


    You just have to be patient- like putting your site into a google search engine it could take a bit for the pic to update.

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