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    hello: when i post a comment to on some other blog sites (e.g., blogspot), it asks for either name and email, or name and URL. as a poster, we are allowed to choose. here, it appears to be name and email required and URL optional, but would it be possible to have name and URL only as an option? Or name plus email OR URL required (writer could choose)? i’d much rather check out someone’s blog than have their email address, which could be totally fake anyway. just an idea, thanks for listening.



    Well… I see where you’re coming from. But the URL could be totally fake too (or go to a wonderful spam site). The other thing that comes to mind is there will be people who don’t have a blog or website but who will have an email address. I know I commented on blogs for a while and didn’t have one of my own. And when I first got one, it was private (password protected/non-indexed) and I had no intention of sharing it with other people.

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