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    I’m rather shocked to find the wordpress user interface in German now. Yes, I blog in German, but I would definitely prefer to have all the buttons and links in English since I am used to it. Besides, what I have seen so far, some of the German translations are not really satisfactory and inconsistent, to say the least.
    (I tried to find and correct mistakes via but to no avail.)

    In the profile section, you can select the primary language of the blog. I suppose if I switched to English, I would get the English user interface back but that would not be a sensible workaround in my eyes. There is also a remark that it will be possible to change the language of the user interface in the future.
    However, wouldn’t it be better to adapt the interface language to the blog language once the language selection feature has been rolled out? My suggestion would be to keep the English version till then since all users are familiar with it. In fact, it is not so easy to get used to the changed interface even if it’s in your native language…

    I’ll send in feedback about this.



    Best bet would be, as you state, to send in a feedback as this is more of a policy issue than a support one. To be honest though, knowing all the requests we’ve had here in the forums for foreign language support, staff is probably trying to push this as quickly as possible. We’ve also had reports that the translated terms were not always correct. Not sure what you mean by “to no avail”. I don’t think the translations is a live fix since the system that translates the normal version of WordPress requires the files to be compiled”

    If you feel the urge, I’d go ahead and work on the incorrect terms over at translate and point this out via a feedback so that staff is aware of the issue.

    Good luck,



    Thanks, drmike, for the response. Maybe I should have posted in the ideas forum, wasn’t sure. For me, it was more of a support issue, but I can understand that many people would be happy to see the foreign language support pushed as quickly as possible.

    I will give an example to clarify what I meant by “to no avail”:
    In the profile, I wasn’t happy at all with the translation for “I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati.”. I won’t discuss the grammar here, but I tried to find the bad translation in Of course, I did not expect any form of correction to be available “live”.
    Yet I did not manage to find the bad translation at all. I only came across one that I actually liked.

    So I am wondering whether the current translations are really based on the work we put in at



    To be honest, I couldn’t tell you as while I speak about a half dozen languages, I can’t spell any of them, including english. :)

    I’ll send in a feedback on this myself in an attempt to get an answer for you. You might want to post here which translation is incorrect. Someone else might be able to assist you.

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