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    Hello! I’ve just subscribed to the free WordPress hosting service and started setting up a blog for the NGO I’m working for. I’d like users to have different privileges but in Users/Authors and Users I’m offered to add WordPress registered users only. In General Options I can select “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”, but I can’t find a way to access a registration form for new users in the blog’s home page. I can’t seem to find an answer in the documentation. Is this function disabled on the free hosting version? Should I give the administration username and password to anybody I wish to enable higher privileges? Thank you!



    “Registered users” mean they have their own account.



    I would also like to enable people to post etc without having to set up a new blog for each one. Is it possible to register as a user without having to have your own blog, just to be able to post to another blog?




    Just get the users to register themselves for a blog – they don’t have to use it! Unfortunately, this IS the only way to get registrations for other users.

    You can then add them as contributors/editors, whatever you wish.



    Response to Cornell’s answer: Bogus. This is a show stopper in my opinion.

    Users come to my blog and want to comment and it says you have to be logged in to comment. They get to the login page and it assumes you already have an account. There is no indication about how to register (even if it is to set up a blog).

    But having to set up a blog is bogus.

    How many people actually go through creating a blog just to comment on a random basis.

    I would guess there are 2 possible reasons for this:
    1. the multi-tenant architecture doesn’t allow it
    2. there is an arbitrary limitation set up for some benefit to (but doesn’t make sense)

    I’m curious about why, but it looks like I’ll have to install my own instance and lose the “benefits” of defined in the wordpressorg-vs-wordpresscom article.

    How tedious…




    You do see the date on Cornell’s post, right? ;)

    It was changed in the last few eons. They can create an account only now if they want.




    I noticed the date on Cornell’s post, but it was the only thread I found that discussed the subject.

    Are you saying that the behavior has changed? Can a user just register without creating a blog and is there a way to lead the user to a registration option for commenting on a blog post? IOW, when they click on the “must be logged in” link on a post it takes them to the login page. Now what?

    Most web sites have a “forgot my password” link and a “register” link with the login option.

    How can I configure this?

    All I can think of is that I will have to have a Text widget with content that explains how to register and just ignore the blog stuff.

    Please advise.


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