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    Was there always a 35 user limit?

    I’m a technology director at a school, and I’ve been encouraging my wife (who teaches science at another school) to use WordPress for a classroom blog. I even set it up for her, and I’m going to teach her students to use it. I don’t recall there being a user limit when I set it up (I may have missed it).

    If there is such a limit, is there any sort of NFP or education discount for the “unlimited users” upgrade (say, maybe, free?) There ought to be.

    Please advise – thanks!



    There’s a 35 limit for private blogs. You’re have to contact staff directly via a feedback to see if there would be some way around that for a school setup.



    Previous to the 35 user limitation the limitation was 5. Hopefully this thread will be useful re:describing the current situation



    Agreed but what I was pointing out was teh limit was for private blogs, not public ones. Should be no limit.

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