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    I created the site elenaknits under another user name (I had another blog). The problem is that, since it was created using another username, and I wanted to create the user name elenaknits, I was not allowed because it “already existed” (it did not, what existed was the domain, but not the user name). I created another user name (elenatheknitter, for which a new domain was created). But what I want is having user name and domain “elenaknits”. Is it possible to change this, since it should belong to me?

    I know this is a bit confusing, and I can’t find a solution.



    The blog I need help with is



    Is it possible to change this, since it should belong to me?

    No it is not. Sorry.



    You can change your display name ie: nickname though. See here >


    I’ve already changed my display name. But why cannot I have “elenaknits” as user name since I own both domains? Why is that? I think this is a malfunction of the system.

    It also prevents the OpenID to work correctly?

    Please, this needs to be fixed.



    This is NOT a malfunction. See what macmnax Staff says here please

    It’s my experience that OpenID fails more often than it works.


    My question is why was the domain created without a user name? and why can’t it be created? It’s like it was created but unusable. Why is that? I think this is an issue.


    When I comment on other blogs the address that appears is, not It’s so confusing.


    Would upgrading to pro help me to fix this?






    This blog still exists
    If you log in under the username account that registered it your can make it a primary blog linked to that username ie. the one that registered it.

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.


    Thank you for the explanation, but I do not want to link it to that account. What I wanted is a username elenaknits, and I still don’t understand why it’s not possible. Was it created but it’s unusable? I just want to understand how it works not to make mistakes again.



    The thread is flagged for staff attention and they can explain their thinking on the matter when they sign in on Monday.



    Yes, I’ve read it and I don’t understand why. I understand that you cannot use a deleted username, but this username never existed and it seems to me that it was created with the domain but it’s unusable and I do not understand why this is like this.



    Sometimes makes arbitrary decisions. He said in his last comment it was an anti-impersonation thing.



    Their sandbox, their toys, their rules.

    Do I like this one also – not really since I have another blog that has a name that I have used on other forums – but the matching user name is not available here – yes a bit annoying


    I agree with you, a bit annoying. But what is more annoying is that for me it was not clear since the beginning. But thank you, at least I don’t feel lonely here…



    Blog names are the same as usernames for the most part. Usernames can be turned into blog names, but blog names cannot be turned into usernames.

    Now that you understand this is not a malfunction but a policy I have removed the tagging for Staff.


    I understand it, but I do not agree with it. Please do not remove the tagging for Staff. I would like to know why we have this restriction.



    the tag is back

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