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    I changed my username from love appetite to loveformation, but missed out on changing the blog account or blog domain itself to the same name/address. Could you please help me so that my whole name and website address (and everything related to my account) is now called loveformation and not loveappetite?
    Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member note that when you change the address, you lose all your pagerank and it’s normal to take several weeks or months to get your search engine rankings back, as they are connected to the URL and you’ve changed the URL.


    So how long do you need to wait until you can ‘recapture’ an IP address that was deleted?



    Forever. That’s why there are a whole series of warnings and an email confirmation before anyone deletes a blog. So don’t change URLs thinking you can go back. It’s not a trivial choice and it’s for good. If you just desperately want a different URL, register a new blog with that URL and transfer all your content into it by export/import.


    But I mean, it’s not the blog content I am after, only the IP address and the ‘user name’. Does that fall under ‘forever’ as well? And if so – why?



    Yes. No idea why, it’s just policy. I suspect it’s to cut down on impersonations.


    Ok, thanks for your reply. So last question: I am not sure whether I deleted the new ‘loveformation’ account that I created or what I did in the end, because it says it is ‘reserved’ rather than ‘deleted’ when I try to change my IP address for it now. How should I interpret that? Thanks again.



    The blog is reserved for the person with that username. That username and ONLY that username can create and use that blog.

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