How can I update my website link?

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    I signed up with WordPress using the user name “OgreMkV”. I had a blog for a while, but I have transitioned to a new blog “”. That’s my primary blog and the “ogremkv” blog is effectively defunct.

    I have set the primary as the ogremk5 blog in my profile details and .personal setgins. I have linked to the ogremk5 blog in gravatar and everywhere else I can find. I have linked twitter to the ogremk5 blog.

    However, when I log in to comment on other websites, my OgreMkV user name is still being linked to the old, unused ogremkv blog. I can log in using OgreMk5, but I’ve been a regular on this particular forum for almost 6 years and they just moved to a new server and using Movable Type as the log in system.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Blog url:


    Hi, your username in these forums properly links to

    You can double check this in the website field at Users > Personal Settings.

    That will update what URL is used on comments you post on any site while logged in.

    Which forum are you referring to where it’s not appearing properly? It’s likely a setting in your account settings there that needs to be adjusted.




    The website is

    The login screen takes me to this page:

    When I click on the WordPress sign in, I put my OgreMkV user name in… actually, I can log in to this site with both the ‘V’ and the ‘5’, but they go only to the corresponding blogs.

    If you have an idea that I can forward to the forum admins, that would be great.



    When you log into these sites using OpenID the only information that they have about you is the site you use as your OpenID.

    Therefore when you log in using the “” OpenID identity to the site all they have to link to is that site and the same for when you log in using the “” Open ID.

    What you configure in your profile here on is not going to affects this.

    The only way you would be able to change what is linked is in the forum software lets you set a different link in your profile on the site you are logging in to.

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