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    Hi there,
    So I wanted to change the URL of my blog from to because that is the actual name of my blog, so I thought it made more sense. I assumed once this was done, that anyone googling my blog would see google results with the updated URL- but when I google my name for example, my blog posts still come up as links, and then when you click them, it says the blog has been deleted.
    Why aren’t the links updating, and is there a way to make them do this?
    Is there any way I can re-direct any traffic going to the old URL to the changed one?
    Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you purchase the site redirect upgrade? Without it there will be no redirect of links.
    Changing a Blog Address

    If you do change your blog address, permalinks to your old address, including search engine results, will be broken unless you purchase a Site Redirect upgrade.



    Thanks so much!
    I read through that and it would be most helpful- but I couldn’t tell from the info there- is it too late for me to do this having already changed my url, or can I do it retroactively?


    When you change the name using the first tool timethief linked, you have the option to permanently delete the old name. You took that option and so the old name is gone and you don’t have the option to setup a redirect.

    Google should drop the links eventually, but how long it takes is up to them.


    ARG. So bummed.
    I knew I couldn’t get the name back, but I didn’t realize all my links would be dead.
    Just a suggestion- but perhaps the option for site redirect should be mentioned when someone is changing their username? I would have definitely purchased it had I known all the details.
    Thanks for your help though.

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