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    Anyone know how I can get my PublicProfile name of SeekandFind show up with my gravatar on these forums? As it stands now (at least over in the Premium Theme forum where I’ve been posting) it keeps showing my User Name vs. my Public Display name. I used to use my User Name but don’t want to do that anymore.

    It may show up as SeekandFind under my Gravatar on this forum…we shall see after I post this! If so, it should show up in the Premium theme forum as well … right?

    The blog I need help with is



    P.S. On my screen it even says. Welcome SeekandFind so why is it not showing up here? See what I mean?


    The forums always show your username rather than your display name. It has always been that way.



    Oh, okay. And I’m guessing I can’s change my user name? (It would be nice to have my URL with my User Name, but not for the forums.) Oh well.


    Yes you can. There was a new feature introduced that allows you to do that.



    Is SeekandFind your public display name perhaps?

    I noticed that since this morning, the “Welcome, ___” is different. It used to display your username, but now it displays your public display name apparently.

    So far it’s the only place where I’ve seen the public display name being displayed. Everywhere else it’s your username.



    February 3, 2011 update to support documentation

    Change Your Username
    You can change both your account username (the name you use to login) and your display name (the name that is seen on your posts and comments).

    Once you change your username you will not be able to change it back to what it was. If you just want to show your name differently please only change your Display Name.

    If you want your Gravatar account to match your WordPress account name:


    @airodyssey, for a while last night after they did the maintenance on the forums, it displayed our display names in the threads. That only lasted about ten minutes though and then they corrected it.



    @TSP: In the threads? Wow. That ought to have been confusing! At least it’s only on the “Welcome” message now (at least for me…)


    Yeah, it was strange to see my display name all over the forum threads.

    Having the display name at the top isn’t so bad, but still a little strange.



    After the forums update, I’m only seeing my display name up at the top of the forums, “Welcome, Jennifer”. Before it was “Welcome, justjennifer”. Everywhere else, it’s my username. (I think.)

    And, I only see your usernames (thesacredpath, airodyssey, timethief, etc.) and not your display name, if it’s different.



    We’re going to continue to display just usernames next to the forum posts here, as it prevents users from impersonating each other, which could lead to some rather nasty situations.


    @macmanx, hadn’t thought of that, but that could be a problem.



    You could also have many Display Names that are the same even with no impersonating mischievous intentions – how many people named Steve, Dave etc have blogs here?



    I remember what the flightless waterfowl did. They would go NUTS with this if they could.



    Well, I started this thread and as it all looks rather confusing I’m going to have to read through all these comments, click on all the suggested links and try to sort through what I actually can or can’t do!

    Whew … I’ve been spending at least half my time over there in the PT (Premium theme)with tech support there which means I’m annoying them now instead of you guys. (I won’t ask if you miss me.) :)

    I know that I miss you “guys” … so many people always ready to help and weigh in on what might be the particular problem as well as offering very helpful solutions.

    Gee, maybe when I grow up (and master Word Press), I can be a real live helpful person to!



    @auxclass and raincoaster
    I recall what the flightless waterfowl did very clearly. {{{shuddder}}}}


    We’re going to continue to display just usernames next to the forum posts here, as it prevents users from impersonating each other, which could lead to some rather nasty situations.

    I’m glad to hear that. :)



    There will be a time when the Premium Theme is not longer an issue for you. We Volunteers will help you with all other aspects of learning how to use software – not to worry. :)

    I’m not sure if you have located this tutorial yet. If not then check it out as it’s helpful. :)

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