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    I created a book club blog that I want to specify the users and have it password protected. I put in a password for the blog page and added them as users, but my users are not able to access it. I can access it as the administrator. How do I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is



    The blog linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM free hosted blog. It took a very long time to load and after I had to go through the lengthy display of photographs I had zero interest in viewing I had to click a link on a static front page just to enter to get into the ding dong blog only to find it’s not a blog we provide support for here. Not good!

    If you are asking about a free hosted wordpress.COM blog then please, please, please link the blog to your username. If that doesn’t suit you then I suggest that you post the URL for the blog in question whenever you post to this forum.

    SIGH … I’m sorry but until you post the URL for the blog in question we cannot even begin to help you.

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