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  1. Good afternoon... I have a follower that lost access to the email that used to subscribe my blog originally. The person just subscribed with her new email but now I need to delete that forst email adress of the list and can't find a way. Can you please help me out?
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is are the email addresses involved here please? The software will redact ie. HIDE them so only Staff can see them after you type them and click "submit". I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Hi João - We don't remove subscribers to public sites. If she still gets the emails, she can unsubscribe herself. :)

  4. @eurello
    Whew! That one escaped me completely.

    If that person receives an email to the first email address tell her to click the "unsubscribe" link on the emails of the post she received at the very bottom of the email.

  5. Guys, I know that, but as I say in my original post, she is not able to access her first email address. She has even created a new email address and subscribed again, because she wants to subscribe to my email but she can't recover her original password.

  6. Probably the account recovery page is the best bet for them to try - works best if they log out of WordPress.COM when they go there.

    Worth a try

    Account Recovery Page

    Lost Password

  7. No, but the problem is not that... the person lost the login details of the email account. She created a new account and now is following me back with the new account. But neither she wants that account neither do I want it as a subscriber - messing with my numbers - when we all now that «person» no longer exists.

  8. If they were following your blog with their account, they should have the ability to edit how they follow a blog - I have the option of just seeing the RSS feed or getting an email -

    My opinion - the bounced email is not a big deal to the internet and obsessing about a count of +/- 1 on the follower count is something I just don't worry about - you probably have some other spam & fake followers in your list anyway

  9. This person created more then one email account at the time. She thought it was strange not receiving any email from me since she signed up. We met today and she told me about it and we got to the conclusion that she used an email account that has dropped since then. She made a mistake and used a wrong email to sign up initially. Now she is following me with a new email, one she is using. Neither does she or myself to have her «following» me with a «hollow» email account.
    I don't know who you people are, but if you are related to WordPress, you probably must know that SERP's lower your rank when you send emails to people who don't open them. They can easily turn you into spam just because of that, so of course that we all want to limit the number of none-openers to the minimum. It is not «just an obsession» but something really practical in terms of blogging. Not only that, it can lower your websites rank in SEO.
    It makes no sense why we can't exclude people from our blog.

  10. Hi João - Where did you read that unopened subscription emails would affect your SERP? As far as I know, that shouldn't affect it, but I'd be interested to read more about that if I'm mistaken.

    Having an abandoned email address in your subscriber list is not something that should cause any problems for your site, but I do appreciate your request to be able to remove subscribers on your end and I will pass it along for consideration for future updates.

  11. As far as I know, if you are sending email that is not opened it is considered unwanted. If so you tend tk be considered spam. Nevertheless, I still don'r understand why to bother to give analytics to people if numbers are just "an obsession". Many people although conscioulsy doing so susbcribe to stuff and then they just don't bother to care anymore. Why should I want people like that in my subscribers list?uxh worse if that email is a "phantom"? I just don't see tje reason why I can't clear my subscribers list from the start. Thank you for recognizing at least some point there.

  12. We cannot either add or remove subscribers. Are you clear on that?

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