User registered but can’t author? Can they upgrade?

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    I’ve been searching the forums and the FAQ list for a few hours and trying to figure out how to resolve this issue on my own, but I must be missing something very obvious. I’m running a group blog for friends and all but one appears as I expect in the participants as either a contributor or an author.

    One user, however, is different. I see his name in the invites but his listing simply says “http://” with nothing after it. I am assuming that when he received the original invite that said “you can have an ID or a blog of your own” (I’ve forgotten the wording), he clicked “just the ID.” However, now he wants to be able to author articles on his own (which I’m happy to allow) except that we can’t figure out how to get him from his ID that merely allows him to comment to something that actually allows him to author. He can’t author right now because he simply doesn’t show up in my users list anywhere but the invite area.

    Is there something terribly obvious I’m missing here that I could suggest to him? Some way to upgrade that we’re not seeing as options/preferences somewhere? I’m somewhat at a loss after all the FAQ and forums searching and could really use some suggestions if people have them.



    If I were you I’d re-invite him.

    All I could find was this, which I’m sure you’ve seen:
    which seems to indicate that he should be able to author posts if the invite went through.


    Reinviting doesn’t work. It says that he’s already been invited.


    Hmm. And like magic he now appears in my users list. How very strange. I literally did nothing. Perhaps a cookie problem? No clue though. Problem resolved, however.

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