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    Yesterday there were three times more views of my WordPress blog than usual. There were also a very large number of clicks on pictures I have posted over the last 2 months. These clicks seemed to be mostly coming from google image links. I don’t mind sharing the pictures, that is what they are there for, but today my Gravatar image is duplicated, when I Like a blog. One of them “opens”, the other does not. Is someone else using my wordpress ID? What can I find out?

    I have a strong password, and only work from home.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Quantcast shows you have a few more visitors the last few days but they are clicking on about the same number of Posts per visitor as they have over the last few months



    Thank you. What I would like to clarify is that there was a HUGE number of visits yesterday, over a few hours, from just one country/visitor, (might be simple appreciation! or downloading the images for themselves – hope so) but today, my gravatar is duplicated when I use it, and the hovercard is on one, not the other.

    Today things are back to normal.

    So I want to be clear about sabotage or clone issues.
    Can you help? I am rather new to this, so forgive the elementary question.

    I will try the quantcast link, see if this helps.



    my gravatar is duplicated when I use it, and the hovercard is on one, not the other.

    Please post the link to the site you see your gravatar appearing on.



    I have just looked, and the gravatar is no longer duplicated, on either of the sites, nor did it duplicate on a fresh one. So that seemed to be a passing blip

    Thank you for attention: Ever so good to know this forum exists, and to learn from it.

    Quantcast (see above reply) doesn’t update till 29th, so I can’t see what was happening on the 19th in Belgium, until then! Or can I?

    On a learning curve …

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