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    Is there away to allow my readers to upload or submit photos to me? I am looking for a feature to go hand-in-hand with the comment feature.

    The blog I need help with is



    No casual readers cannot insert anything into our blogs. If they could our blogs would be full of porno. However, we can add official users to our blogs. They require accounts but not blogs. As you are giving them Admin access I warn you to be extremely selective about the roles you assign. See here for the roles and see here for the set up


    Provided your readers are registered as Authors, it is possible to set up a simple system whereby they can add photos to a Gallery in a post belonging to you.



    Yes and that’s stated at the User Roles link I posted above.

    An author can edit, publish and delete their posts, as well as upload files/images


    Yes, timethief I agree, but the link doesn’t explain how an author can upload a photo into someone else’s post.



    No and are you going to provide those instructions for dreamroom?


    Of course.

    1. Admin clicks on New Post and gives it a suitable name – e.g. “Submit photos here”
    2. Go into HTML mode and insert this line
    3. Publish the post.
    4. Now EDIT the post. Look in the browser address bar and you will see something like:
    5. Make a note of number after the post= (12345 in my example). This is the id of your post.
    6. Before or after your [gallery], add a line like:
    Click HERE to upload a photo to the gallery.
    7. Make the word HERE into a link, with the following link address, with your own post_id inserted instead of the 12345.

    Now update the post.

    All registered authors and above will now be able to use this button to upload photos from their computers.



    Thank you – bookmarked! :)

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