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    I had a username/account created by a friend who runs a website from here. I am one of the admins from the site, etc. etc.

    Well, the problem is that I can no longer sign into as myself. I was able to sign in twice and everything was fine, but the third time, I was informed that my password was incorrect; however, I was 100% sure it was correct. I tried my personal password, a variation of it for good measure, then the third time I tried the original password given to me just to see if it had been reset. All three were incorrect. After the third time, I was informed that my username was now incorrect, yet it was the same one I was assigned originally. I’ve exhausted all possibilities with trying to rectify this problem.

    Since, no matter what I do, I am told my username is now incorrect, I believe might have listed me as a “bot” and blacklisted my IP address. Further evidence of this is that I can’t sign in on the other computer in my house. I’m going to try logging in on my Wii with the Internet Channel, but I doubt if that works… and I don’t want that to be the only way to sign back in to if it does happen to work.

    However, I was able to make my own account with no problems, so wouldn’t that rule out an IP address problem? But, at the same time, the person who created the account for me can log in as me, and the other admins at the website can log in as me with no problems… so that *does* point to an IP address problem, correct?

    Any suggestions with fixing this?

    I’ve tried:

    -Password reset
    -Having the person that created my account reset my password
    -Having the person that created my account abolish it and make me a completely new account (tried twice with variations of my original username)
    -Making a completely new account myself and linking the accounts together (having an admin make you an author for a site)
    -Cleared my cache/etc. before trying to login after doing everything listed above

    Help would be immensely appreciated.



    I’m the friend he is referring to. I’ll add in all the details I know as well, and hopefully offer some more insight on the problem. My blog wasn’t working correctly two days ago. During that time, the TC tried signing in and was unsuccessful. Prior to this, he was able to do so easily. Originally, he was signing in directly to the user account for my blog. However after several attemps to remedy it, we decided he should get a WordPress account as well, however, the problem still stands. As he mentioned, I’m willing to bet that due to so many password failures, it may have classified him as a bot or simply spam, and blocked his IP address. This is the only solution I could come with as we have tried virtually everything possible.

    One final note, I have not upgraded to the latest version of WordPress yet. Would this have anything to do with it?


    If you signed up for an account here at wordpress.COM to be able to log into , then that is the problem. WordPress.COM is in no way connected with since that blog is self-hosted. To add a user on a self-hosted blog, you do that in your dashboard at users > authors and users.

    For issues with self-hosted wordpress blogs, you need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . That is were the self-hosted wordpress software is supported.

    Also just a little warning. I see you are using wordpress 2.7.1 and there is a major worm/virus thing going around and hitting older wordpress installations. Upgrade to 2.8.4 as soon as you can.



    One final note, I have not upgraded to the latest version of WordPress yet. Would this have anything to do with it?

    Are you saying the the blog he cannot log in to is a self-hosted blog? Or is it a blog on, i.e. a blog with a URL that ends with If it is NOT a blog that ends with you are in the wrong forum, because this forum is for blogs only.

    If it is a self-hosted blog, you need to seek help in the forum for

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