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    I had two blogs. One was called LikeGlass. It is deleted now.

    I created luxehours and then went in to change my username. It does not let me, it keeps saying that it already exists. Is there anything I can do about this?

    I know this is a bizarre problem, but I’d appreciate any help with this!

    The blog I need help with is


    Deleting a blog does not free up a username. Sign into the new blog with the new username and add the old username as an admin.


    I began with Wine & Vine Touring. I used Go Daddy for the domain and email of wine It was then transferred to WordPress to be managed as a new URL and blog. I did not know how to show the location for search engines. I changed it to sonomacountygrapeescape at Go Daddy and WordPress, plus Go Daddy as e-mail.

    The original website all customized is still with WordPress but says it was deleted. I did delete it. I typed in the second choice of URL names and it is not accessible because it is no longer hosted by Go Daddy.

    Go Daddy re-created my original name (the one I now want back and e-mail). With WordPress my username and administrator still reflects the”escape” name, but WordPress does not activate the change. And, like the woman above, I can’t change back to Wine & Vine Touring or due to “it’s already taken”. It was handled easily by Go Daddy, but a big mess at WordPress.

    I have been all over the Word Press site and the “help” is not there.

    If you can figure this out, I would greatly appreciate it.


    I posted “help” (lengthy) query. Disregard please. When there is no phone support, it only leads to dead ends for me. There is a cost of doing business. There are no shortcuts. Past owner of multiple corporations. Please don’t spin your wheels to offer solutions. The solutions are simple. $.



    Serious question: are you drunk?



    Since this has been posted yet again and no more coherent here is the only part of the answer I can figure out. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    Gone is gone forever once you delete a blog, it can’t be “reactivated” the name and content are both gone – you could try Google Cache if you really want the content for copy and paste.

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