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username invalid user

  1. my web person gives me user name. I enter it... I get message that it is invalid. She swears she has tested it on various computers and people.

    I use Safari. I cleared caches and cookies. I installed Firefox and same thing happened. I cleared cookies and caches there also.

    I am Mac.

    I gave user name to my sister who has same type of MAC and also uses Safari and she also got invalid user name.

    username is: davidillig

    I am stymied. Web person thinks I'm crazy or my computer is crazy. None of this makes sense. If somebody sends me email about requesting new password, I still can't get anywhere because it tells me to insert user name and then says its invalid.......
    Why is this happening and what to do about it?????
    Help...... David

  2. Please contact Staff for assistance as we Volunteers can't help with issues like this one.

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