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    hi, my blog is:

    this is my second blog under this username. however, my username is not appearing in my blog post. below the post it only says

    Posted on January 10, 2012, in life

    how to make it:

    Posted by rufikashari on January 10, 2012, in life

    I already checked the user options, user profile, general settings, but couldn’t find a way to change it.


    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is


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    Whether or not the author byline is displayed or not depends on the theme:

    Byline not displayed
    in Almost Spring, Bouquet, Chaos Theory, Day Dream, DePo Masthead, Dusk, Esquire, Fadtastic, Fjords 04, Fresh Bananas, Freshy, Greenery, Grid Focus, Hemingway, Iceburgg, Jentri, K2-lite, Light, MLB (all three), Modularity Lite, Neat, Neutra, Pool, Quentin, Solipsus, Steira, Sunburn, Supposedly Clean, Thirteen, Treba, Twenty-eight Thirteen, Unsleepable, Vertigo, White as Milk.

    If you’d like to see which themes display it when and how:



    ok thanks for the clarification. on second thought, may be it’s good that the author name is not displayed. and if i want it to be displayed i can always use the gravatar widget right? ok thanks again.


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    Yes, a gravatar widget would work.

    Or a text widget with a snippet of information about you or your blog: you could even customize a text widget with a picture different from your gravatar if you want.

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