username not working to use dashboard for blog

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    my username will not work. i try logging in to edit my blog on my dashboard for, but the site keeps bouncing back saying that this is not a correct username. please help

    The blog I need help with is



    You are currently using a WordPress.COM username here in the forum. That, however, is not a WordPress.COM blog at all, so there’s no reason you’d have the same username there. It’s an independently-hosted WordPress.ORG website and you need to be over there for support with that.



    I had been logging onto the following url to get to the back end of my blog and edit it:

    But for some reason, now it will not allow me to log on. i tried re- registering under jsdority and reset the password but my original dashboard where i could edit my site and my posts is not available. any advice?

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