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Username rating game!!

  1. 7/10 I like the alliteration. Are pikes a type of fish?

    wpvstp - Yes u got that part right. "Cydonian Knight" was taken. So I took out pretty much every vowel. "Knights of Cydonia" is song by "Muse" and the picture of the horse is their single cover

  2. 3/10

    Needs more vowels. :D

  3. @p4p (sorry, too many letters to write)
    You're not supposed to be able to say it, but you should have notices it's an anagram for my blog name.

    8/10 Kewl...sounds like a radio station or something :-)

  4. 5/10 Eh. Just a last name

  5. Theres got to be a storry behind it
    Husdal, i ussually say usernames to myself its annoying when i cant.
    What do you mean it is an anagram for your blog name?

  6. 8
    simple and to the point

  7. 7/10
    Short and Easy to Remember

  8. I suddenly got a view of 70's England when I looked at your name, no idea why. But it made me happy.

    Have am 8/10 for making me smile. :)

  9. Yours is the same hun it reminds me of music and years gone by so you can have a 9/10

  10. pink!!!!! hahaha 9/10

  11. Subjective...but I'll play.

    Freddie makes me think of Freddie Kruger.

    Maize = corn.

    Kruger Korn.

    Works for me. 9/10

  12. darkdaughter11

    i like it. it makes u seem bold :)
    8/10 for awsome boldness.

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