Why is this username taken?

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    Over the weekend I had registered a new username and blog address. The username was Post Canvas and the address was postcanvas.wordpress.com.

    I clicked the link to activate the address in my email today and it said it was an invalid key. I then went back to reregister the blog address while still logged in under my previous account (coneyislandlow) and it added the new blog to my old username.

    Now I’m unable to register or login as postcanvas because it says it is taken.
    Does this mean that the name has been taken by someone else or that the name is now in a sort of limbo? It would help a lot if I could just register under that name again.
    Blog url: http://postcanvas.wordpress.com/



    Blog names = User names as far as availability is concerned, so now that http://postcanvas.wordpress.com/ is a registered blog, you won’t be able to register postcanvas as a user name.

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