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username showing in forum instead of nickname

  1. in my profile settings i have chosen to display my nickname (manny z), but in the posts here in the forum it displays my username instead... is this a glitch? can this be fixed?

    i've noticed that google search results for my blog show my support forum posts instead, which is pretty annoying.

    if this can't be fixed, is there a way i can delete my forum posts?

  2. What shows up on your blog and in comments on other people's blogs? Try changing it again and see what happens.

    You can't delete your forum posts, but you CAN ask staff to do it. Dunno whether they will or not. If you blog more it should eventually bury the support forum.

  3. in my comments on other people's blogs it shows my nickname... it's only here on the forums that it doesn't.

    i'll try changing it again now...

  4. If it doesn't resolve by Monday definitely send a message to staff about it. That shouldn't be happening.

  5. ok, will do... thanks

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