username taken, but not really?

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    I had two wordpress accounts (by accident), and my blog URL had my maiden name in it. I am married now so I wanted to change my username and also the blog URL to reflect that. *I hadn’t realized yet that I could just transfer my blog from hopebalfa to hopemustakim and then change the URL. SO, what I DID was change hopemustakim to mrshopem thinking that THEN it would be available I could change hopebalfa to hopemustakim. well basically, I did figure out that I could transfer it, but I’m stuck with username mrshopem because it now says hopemustakim username is taken and the URL is yhus reserved.
    Is there any way that someone on staff could free that up so I can have it back?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Deleted blogs cannot be restored or reused. Deleting a blog is permanent and the name cannot be used again. There are several warnings about this on the Tools -> Delete Site page and in the help pages, and you are required to confirm the deletion by email.



    Ithanls for your reply! I actually didn’t delete the blog- I changed usernames (several times).



    I’ll flag this thread for Staff attention.



    Thank you! I just think the username hopemustakim is stuck somewhere in limbo :) hopefully we can get it back to being “available.” then I’ll change mrshopem to hopemustakim and delete my old one- hopebalfa.
    Thank you for helping!


    Hi mrshopem,

    Like timethief said, I’m afraid we cannot restore a username once it’s deleted. However, you can change the name displayed in your public profile in the Settings tab on the home page.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    What I was really more concerned about is getting that URL-
    Since I had that username for a minute, it “reserved” the URL.
    Is there any way to free that up since the username is deleted?



    Unfortunately, no. Since the username was deleted, the reserved blog is no longer available.

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