Username website malfunction?

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    My username is crenren, but when I go to, it doesn’t load. I did register for another blog, but when I post on other people’s pages, the link goes to the, which doesn’t work. How do I fix this link?


    Staff was deleted in February.

    What is the other blog?



    my other blog is


    The first thing I would do, since your blog is so image heavy is to reduce the number of posts shown on a page. Even with my 5 meg connection, it took forever for your main page to load.

    Go to options > reading and under Blog Pages show at most, reduce that number to 3 or 5 and then click “update options.”

    In addition, your image on this post: is too wide for the post area and will break your layout with some browsers such as Internet Explorer. You should resize this image. You can find the maximum image sizes for the various themes here:



    To change where the link goes, go to your Profile page and put the blog you want as your Primary Blog. Then the link will go there instead.

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