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Username/Account Issues

  1. So let me start by saying that I am new to wordpress. That said, I have searched the forums and found nothing as specific as the issue I am having. I have had a wordpress account for awhile now, under the username fojo. I recently wanted to start a blog for a friend and call it shopsmartstyle. I was successful in creating the blog under my account and even had success adding admin privileges to her email address. Now the problem is, I would like to setup a user account with username shopsmartstyle and corresponding email address. When I do that, it says that username and email are already used. I have tried to login using username and password that it says is already in existence and it fails. Please help, very frustrating. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well I see is already created (by you I guess) and the account already exists. Why don't you just log in with that one and change the user data?

  3. @starsquid Yes, you are correct, it is something that I created under my account (fojo). Problem is that when I try to create a username of shopsmartstyle, it says username is already used. I also cannot use the email address associated with shopsmartstyle, because it states that is already used as well.

    So, yes, I can create new blogs under my account, but not a new account.

  4. @fojo
    Panos has already posted the link to the relevant entry that sets out what you must do to rectify this. See>

  5. Thanks Thief, but it doesn't work. I suppose I'm not being clear, and I apologize for that. I can't seem to describe it accurately enough. I'll try again and thanks for being patient.
    I want to create a fresh, new user account with username shopsmartstyle. It will not let me and says that the username and blog name are already in use. I can delete the blog from my account. I can even export the shopsmartstyle blog. Point is, none of it makes any difference if I cannot get the username.

  6. Then obviously the username is already there (either created by you before already or you're just unlucky that some other blogger took it). Check all the usernames/name changes on all your blogs and see if its listed. If any, I reckon you already used these username and email adress before and created something (either account, extra user, contributer etc) with it.

  7. If you look up that username, you find that the user does NOT exist.

    Creating the blog has obviously gummed up some works somewhere. I suggest you contact staff directly to have them sort this out.

  8. When you created the blog shopsmartstyle. under your fojo username you basically forfeited the chance of creating the username shopsmartstyle. Now staff might be able to fix this issue for you.

    For future reference if you want the same username that will also be in the URL you will need to logout and use a different email address when creating the blog.

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